Our Instructors

All Nebraska Unified District 1 teachers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific areas.  Teachers strive for excellence.

Welcome to the Nebraska Unified District #1

History of the Unified District #1

The Nebraska Unified District #1 was established in 1999 with Mr. Al Schlueter at the helm.  This development was made possible as incentive money was available for schools,  Verdigre Public School, Orchard Public School, and Clearwater Public School formed what is now known as the Nebraska Unified District #1 allowing each district to maintain their school buildings.  

​In July of 2001, Mr. William Kuester became the superintendent as Mr. Schlueter retired.  Many changes took place for the Unified District as Verdigre Public School built a new school and Clearwater and Orchard schools reorganized.  

Mr. Kuester retired in December of 2011.  Mr. Dale Martin and Mr. Michael Sanne shared the position of superintendent for the remainder of the school year.

In July of 2012, Mr. Dale Martin took over the position and remains in the position today. The Unified District is celebrating its 18th year and is recognized as the longest running unified district.


Board Agenda

Nebraska Unified District #1 provides

up to date agenda and minutes.  Check out the Board Agenda 

Employment Opportunities

  • Competitive
  • Committed
  • Collaborative
  • Continuing

Unification for a quality education!

Clearwater  -   Orchard  -  Verdigre

Our Students

Students at the Nebraska Unified District #1 excel to high standards.  They are passionate in all they do, and they benefit from the collaboration of teachers from each school. Students build relationships that will last a lifetime, not only with their peers but also with their teachers.   

Our Schools

             ​Verdigre Public School                          Clearwater Orchard Public Schools