Dale Martin

Nebraska Unified District #1

(402) 893-2068

Cathy Cooper

Orchard Public School

PO Box 269

Orchard, NE  68764

(402) 893-3215

The Administration of the Nebraska Unified School District #1 is comprised of a centrally located administration -- Superintendent -- in Orchard, Nebraska and school based administrators at each of the educations centers at Clearwater, Orchard, and Verdigre.


Postal Address

Mike Sanne

Clearwater Public School

PO Box 38

Clearwater, NE  68726

(402) 485-2505

Nebraska Unified District 1

PO Box 248, Orchard, NE 68764


Phone: +1.4028932068

Fax       +1.4028932065

Chuck Kucera

Verdigre Public School

201 S 3rd Street
Verdigre, NE 68783
Phone: (402) 668-2275

Unification for a quality education!

Clearwater  -   Orchard  -  Verdigre

Employment Opportunities

  • Competitive
  • Committed
  • Collaborative
  • Continuing

Our Instructors

All Nebraska Unified District 1 teachers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific areas.  Teachers strive for excellence.

Board Agenda

Nebraska Unified District #1 provides

up to date agenda and minutes.  Check out the Board Agenda